Friday, October 24, 2014

C4K Summary for October

My first student this month is Diana C. from Mrs. Rivera's 6th grade class in Florida. The post I commented on was posted September 21st titled "1000 reasons To Never Kiss A Boy". Basically, they were to read a story and answer the question, "Could this story have happened in real life? Why or why not?". Diana C. said yes and gave the reasons:
-It takes place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
-The protagonist works at a bagel store
-She has a boyfriend who cheated on her, two friends, and a mom
-Her dad and mom are divorced
-She has to create a float with her co-workers for a parade
-Her house is under renovation

I commented on her blog that she gave great answers and to keep up the good work!

My second student is Kenny from Mrs. Ripp's 7th grade class in Wisconsin. Mrs. Ripp is also the teacher whose blog I recently commented on, so I was excited about reading this students work. The post I commented on was posted October 9th and it was untitled. He writes about being a hero to someone. He thinks that to be a hero, you must be caring and he references Mrs. Ripp in this likeness. Which tells me a lot about this teacher.
I commented on him that he is right, to be a hero you have to care for people, but that anyone could be a hero, big or small. And that he should be careful in the future with proof reading, there were a few grammatical errors in his post.

The third student I was assigned to comment on was Jocelyn from Ms. Essenburg's 3rd grade class in Michigan. The post I commented on was from October 6th and titled All About Me. As the name states, it is all about Jocelyn herself! She sounds very much like my 7 year old little girl.
I commented:
Dear Jocelyn, I loved reading your introduction. You did a great job! I have a little girl who is 7 and LOVES Monster High also. Anyways, keep up the good work and keep an eye out for your grammar while writing. Making sure your punctuation is in the right places can help the person reading follow your train of thought better!

Student #4 assigned to me for commenting was Dartanian from Mr. Somerville's 6th grade in New Zealand. The post I commented on was from October 23rd and titled Welcome to Pt England. His post was all about being a good Pt Englander. He states you have to be cyber smart, respectful, polite and to "wear it with pride", which means to keep your clothes looking good. There were a few grammatical errors and it seemed that he never finished his last sentence, but overall it was a good post.
I commented: Hi Dartanian, great post! I like that you are all about being a good Pt Englander and from what you have written I can tell you know what that means. Keep up the good work and make sure you proof read before you post. :) I have to remind myself to do that, too.

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