Saturday, October 4, 2014

Blog #7

This blog assignment was to watch several videos from kindergarten and first grade teachers in Gulf Shores and Daphne on how they are using technology in their classrooms. It was absolutely amazing to see these students at work on their iPads researching, making virtual webs and boards and recording themselves reading. I am a firm believer that children are not given enough credit for their comprehension of the world of technology and learning. My daughter is my proof, but the resources these teachers were using are things I never learned about till I was twice these students ages!
One teacher, Mrs. Ginger Tuck was using the iPad in the reading center for her kindergarteners. They were recording themselves reading and playing it back to see if they made mistakes. Then she was using an app called Poplet to basically build a web on their iPads to save information and pictures on the unit they were learning about that week. Mrs. Tuck was also using the Alabama Virtual Library, which I never thought about having a special place/ page for elementary students, but it does. It is simplified, of course, for their use and shows them pictures, articles and videos. The best feature I think there is about this is that the page will read the introduction to the student so they won't have to ask what all the larger words are.

I love the ideas that these teachers have, if only I can be so lucky as to work for a school that has the ability to provide such things for my classroom. Which leads to the other parts of the assignment, listing my strengths and weaknesses of teaching technology and how I can get myself ready to do just that.
My strengths would have to be:
-I am a fast learner with new technology
-I love to learn new technology
-I am creative and can explain things easily
-I use technology daily and try to stay up to date with it
-I know that children are capable of so much more than we know

My weaknesses would have to be:
-I can get ahead of myself easily
-I am not very organized with things on my computer (though it is a work in progress)
-There are things about HTML that I still don't understand or remember
-I am the sticky note queen due to my memory
-I am a procrastinator, even with technology

Getting ready for the future of teaching through this technology is going to basically be a lifestyle change. I will have to make myself hold my work and learning to a higher standard so my students will get the best of me as their teacher. I know that many things will change in the next year and a half before I make it into the classroom, but I will have to stay on top of learning it all so that I am not teaching an old way of doing things. The last thing I want is my students looking at me and wondering if I even know what I am doing. I want them to be excited about learning, research and technology, since their futures will include more than my school career ever did.

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  1. Hi Sabrina! You have some great points in your blog post. I found that I am on the same page with you when it comes to how the students, even at that age, are able to learn and take in so much when it comes to technology. It is truly astonishing and it all goes back to not putting limitations on what students can do. These kindergarten students are operating programs that I'm just now learning as a college student. Technology is growing rapidly in the schools today and I think it's wonderful that you like to keep up with the latest creations. Also, I found a great video called Kindergarten Learning through Technology that gives some good examples of all the programs that the students are using for learning. I will say, just make sure to check for errors. In the first paragraph "these student ages" should be these students age. In the second paragraph, Mrs. Ginger Tuck should have a comma behind it. Also make sure to use alt and title modifiers and to add working links on the videos you refer to. Other than those errors, great post!

  2. How many of the videos did you watch? Only one? That is what appears to be the case.