Sunday, August 31, 2014

Blog Post #2

So for the first question of this blog, we were supposed to watch the short video Mr. Dancealot. This video is about a dance teacher who attempts to teach a class by using only powerpoint and no involvement. When they get to the final exam, he expects them to dance. The poor students are so lost that they are just standing there reading notes. It is impossible to teach a hands on course without the students actually participating. The message behind this video is make sure your teaching objective and how you teach it is what's best for the students. You can't just "teach them so they don't have to learn" as Dr. Strange says. I completely agree with this message, because if the students do not participate then how do you expect them to learn!?

Our next assigned video comes from Mr. Kevin Robert's Teaching in the 21st Century. It is a video about how different the world is now with all the technology and informational resources our children have these days. Between Google, Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, and other sources, what is the job of a teacher these days? The argument Roberts makes is that it is the teacher's job to help the students learn to use these sites correctly and how to sounds halfway intelligent when they publish, post or comment. We are now the filter to the knowledge that students can obtain from the world wide web. He also states that these tools are not only used for entertainment, but they should be used for engaging the students in learning and getting them excited about learning. I agree with Roberts 100%, because the world we were brought up in has changed drastically. Students are using technology in every classroom, we have to help the students be safe online and to use it properly.

The third video is The Networked Student, a video whose name sums up the idea of the video. It sets a great example of how the internet can be used to help a student learn about their chosen profession or really any topic they choose. It is also a great way to get connected with potential colleagues, authors of papers/books and professors. During the video it asks the question, "So, why does the networked student even need a teacher?". They need us to show them how to set up this network, the correct way to connect with professionals and how to maintain the network to grow with them as they progress in their student and professional career. I think this video is a great watch for every potential teacher. It is a great insight into our roles as teachers in the 21st century.

In the video, Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts, Vicki Davis teachers her students to use the web to explore the world and open their minds to new experiences. She is also letting them teach the class, which gives them a change of pace and students will be proud of their accomplishments when they can look back on their work or day and say "I did that!". I love her ideas and the way she was involving the students completely in all her objectives and teachings.

Our fifth video we were assigned comes from our professor, Dr. Strange, and his visit to Gulf Shores Elementary School in Alabama. It's called, Who Is Ahead In The Learning Race?. It is absolutely amazing to see what these kindergarteners, first graders, second graders and third graders are accomplishing on their IPads and Mac Books. They are learning (and learning well), things that we as undergraduate students aren't even attempting yet. So to answer his questions, they are ahead by a landslide! These children are going to be fluent in the technology game by the time they reach 18 years of age. Which is a feat they should be proud of and will no doubt get them far in life considering how much technology has weaseled its way into every field. I am truly amazed at their accomplishments and commend them.

Last, but not least, is a new technique called "Flipping The Classroom". This technique is about the teacher recording a video lesson that the student watches the night before as homework and discusses the next morning in class. This is completely new to me and honestly I disagree with it. It has its advantages, but it also has its downsides. Advantages would be the students teaching themselves and hopefully retaining the lesson, and maybe even the time abundance in class the next day. But on the other hand, when the student has to teach themselves without proper instruction at that age, how can you be sure they are learning the proper technique and what about the children who get frustrated during their practice problems and give up. You aren't there to help them and build their confidence on that subject. Maybe they video lessons aren't that bad, but maybe it can be a precursor to the actual lesson so they can have some background knowledge before the lesson. But personally I will not be using this technique in my classroom unless the school I work for absolutely requires it.

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Blog Post 1

So far, EDM 310 is unlike any other class I have taken, high school or college level. It has already required me to step outside of my little box I have been in and try something different. I have never been required to keep a blog, neither have I ever had an interest to. (It's harder than I expected!) I've never really had a class that requires so much hands on and time, either. Whether it is in the classroom or sitting here at the computer. I'm not complaining by no means, I love learning about computers and technology. I also love trying new things, hence my excitement for this course. It is not one that you sit at a desk and listen to a teacher drone on and on and on (and on...) for hours about a particular subject then hope you were paying attention enough to remember the lecture and complete the homework. Luckily it is a hands on class (which I learn the best at anyways) and I am doing it all myself, so I will remember it later. I honestly couldn't stand my earlier computer courses, the ones that "introduce" you to the Microsoft applications. It was such a tedious course! So as I mentioned before, I am excited about being in this class!

Although I haven't heard many rumors about EDM 310 and Dr. Strange, I have been told it is a bit more difficult than any other teaching course I will have to go through. I've heard it takes a fair amount of time and concentration to complete this course with a good grade. I personally have always been a bit of a procrastinator (I say this as I am sitting here 6 hours before the due date of this assignment), but I am working on it! I plan on getting a little bit of my assignments done daily and maybe even more. I tend to get wrapped up in anything to do with the computer and writing. I love to write. My biggest fear about this course is that I will procrastinate enough that I am always rushed in my projects. (As in years before) Hopefully I will practice what I preach and just do it! So far Dr. Strange has explained himself, our objectives and what he expects from us as students fairly clearly, so thankfully I am not left with a ton of questions as in courses before. So I am crossing my fingers and toes that I keep up and pass this course with a good grade. Not to mention, I am looking forward to learning as much as I can since technology is booming in the teaching field!

hands with their fingers crossed

Practice Post


A. All about me
B. All about my life
C. Why I want to be a teacher
D. What I see as the teachers role in the 21st century
E. My passions
F. Interesting facts about me.

Hi!! My name is Sabrina, I just turned 28 on August 8th. I grew up in Mobile,AL and lived here till I was 17 and joined the Air Force. I traveled to Texas, California, Colorado and Mississippi. I was never deployed, although I applied several times, but it was for the best. I was a Aeromedical Technician, meaning I was the medic who worked on the planes. Because of this, I worked in the medical field for over 10 years. I have a 7 year old little girl named Keely, who is my world and is my mini me with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Last year I got married to my first high school crush, took 10 years for us to reconnect from high school. He is a foreman for Koch Specialty Plant Services and works out of town approximately 7-9 months a year. We are expecting our first child together in February 2015. He is the main reason I am attending South now. I was attending Faulkner State Community College for several years pursuing my RN, but last year I confessed to my husband that I always secretly wanted to be an Elementary teacher. So we decided I would quit my job and go to school full time. I started last August and finished my prerequisites at Faulkner and this is my first semester at South. I am really excited about the prospect of being in the classroom. I love children and have a passion for them some would say.

I love teaching children and seeing their faces light up when they learn something new. I took a break from the medical field for about 2 years and taught preschool during that break. It was the best two years of my life. I loved getting to know each individual child and learning from them how to teach them best. They are all different and therefore learn differently. Some where more hands on where others could just listen. I think the most important job in the world is being an Elementary Teacher, because they are the ones who install the love learning in a child at an early age. A good teacher can make an enormous impact on a little ones mind.

Having that impact on little ones mind is a huge responsibility and it changes over time to keep up with the change in the world. The 21st century is one of the most diverse centuries yet. Now the children need to learn how to use computers confidently and competently just to make it in life. Even for the nursing fields! So it is the teachers responsibility to learn electronics and expand those children's mind to the world of computers and media. And while expanding those minds, they have to teach all the traditional subjects too. It makes it easier if the teacher loves learning, this shows the children how fun it can be, especially since they have a long learning career ahead of them.

I have a few passions, teaching being one of them. But I am also an avid reader (when I am not in school, otherwise I feel really guilty) and I use to go snowboarding every weekend when I was stationed in California. I also LOVE to sing, but haven't done it in front of people in a very long time. My absolute passion though, that tops it all is my family (My husband and Keely). I love being a mother and a wife more than anything in this world. There is nothing that can bring a smile to my face and warm my heart faster than hearing them tell me they love me. And there is no greater feeling than seeing my little girls smiling face after school, running up to give me a big hug and being excited to see me. It can turn even the worst days into the best!
my little family

I guess I could finish up with a few interesting facts about me. Well, you already know about the singing and snowboarding, but I have also jumped out of a plane during the Air Force training. I will never do that again though! I have never been to Disney World (weird I know), but I am planning on going because I LOVE anything Disney! I read a lot, but only the weird stuff as my husband says. I read all the Twilight books, all the Mortal Instruments(the City of Bones movie was the first book), things of that nature. I am in love with all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Jack Sparrow is hilarious!! My husband says I am such a nerd, but I hide it well until I am around people I'm comfortable with. A nerd in disguise I guess! And that's all me...