Sunday, November 23, 2014

C4K Summary for November

Jacob K
Mr. Akerson's 5th Grade Class
St. Louis, Missouri

The post I commented on was from October 26th, 2014. It was titled: "Break Up Note - Dress Code". As the name implies, it is his version of a break up letter to the dress code. What a wonderful project! Jacob writes about how "it's you not me" and how he believes he should be able to freely express himself. He even ends the letter with "If you would sign comment below yes or no". I really enjoyed reading his post, very creative!
My Comment: JacobK, I really enjoyed your break up note! Very creative! I can tell you really liked writing this post as well. The only words of advice I can give is to proof read, you got so into writing you have a few grammar, punctuation mistakes. (I do the same thing :) )

Sofia S
Mrs. Mena's 5th Grade Class
Chula Vista, CA

The post I commented on was from November 6th, 2014. It was titled: "Game Talk 1". The post is about a game called "Five Nights At Freddy's" and it sounds really creepy! The post was about the legends and myths she has heard about the game. One was about one of the animatronics biting off the forehead of a child, another was one of the animatronics taking its head off. Pretty gruesome stuff!
My Comment:
Wow Sofia S, I have never heard of this game, but it sounds a little creepy! I had a little bit of a hard time reading your post though, make sure you proofread before posting. It makes things easier, but have fun playing!

Elijah M.
Mrs. Mena's 5th Grade Class
Camarena Elementary School Chula Vista, CA
The post I commented on was from November 21st, 2014. It was titled: "Almost the end of banana man part 7". It was a story about a superhero character named Banana Man. It was a cute story, but very hard to read considering Elijah did not use periods and misspelled quite a few words.
My Comment:
Hi Elijah M., Your story was pretty cool and I liked the names of your hero! But I had a hard time reading it, because you forgot your punctuations and you misspelled a lot of words. Try to take your time writing next time around and your readers will see how much you rock and storytelling! Good Luck!! :)

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